Weekend Courses at Brushstrokes Art School

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These intensive and engaging courses are designed to build your knowledge, confidence and ability as a painter regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Although these are group courses you will be tutored on an individual basis throughout the day.

Demonstration and individual tuition combined with clear and concise communication of technique are the foundations on which learning and improvement are built and this approach is the cornerstone of all of our courses here in Brushstrokes. Tea/ coffee and biscuits are included throughout the day.



This course is for anyone wishing to learn how to paint. Introducing you to the basic rudiments of painting I will start the day with a demonstration. With individual tuition each participant will aim to complete a small painting in one day. All materials can be supplied if required. It will be a fun and fulfilling day while allowing you to see that everyone who wishes can learn to paint.

Price: €100 (€110 if materials required)

Sunday 11th May 10am - 5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)



This course is suitable for anybody wishing to improve their abilities in oils. Assessing your weaknesses I will then focus on these with you throughout the day so that you will leave with a greater awareness and structure for continous improvement of your painting skills. You will be required to bring along some samples of your current work. You may opt to work on these or start anew.

Price: €100 (€110 if materials required)

Sunday 25th May 10am - 5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)



Drawing is in many ways the foundation of painting as it allows you to separate the difference between what you think you see from what you actually see. This facility is what affords you the opportunity to develop a personal style. Drawing the nude figure is both complex and challenging and as such a very rewarding experience providing a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop your visual skills regardless of your style.

Price: €115 materials supplied

Sunday 8th June 10am - 5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)



If you wish to learn how to paint in a loose freeflowing style then this course is for you. With demomstration and tuition throughout the day you will find, play with and develope your ability to suggest and simplify your painting process. Be under no illusions...learning to paint loosely is harder than it looks so be prepared to explore and experiment to achieve your desired outcome.

Price: €100 (€110 if materials required)

Sunday 22nd June 10am - 5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)



Sometimes our painting become a little staid...maybe we've become too comfortable or afraid to change or are unsure how to move forward. This is a wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate ourselves and our painting. Experimenting and playing with colour and techniques can easily improve and create a new and dramatic approach leading to more dramatic and interesting paintings. Remember that it's not what we know but the mistakes we make and how we use them that improves us...

Price: €100 (€110 if materials required)

Sunday 6th July 10am - 5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)


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