Art Tips - How to Paint a Cloudy Sky

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Image 1. Start by outlining the clouds in pencil
Image 1

Image 2. Paint in some basic colours to create the individual spaces as follows:
a) Start with lights on clouds first.  This way, if you put in too much light, the blue around will cover it. By adding the clouds first you are using the positive space (clouds) first and by applying the blue second you are using negative space to define the volume and depth more effectively and dramatically.
b) Using white and a small amount of cobalt blue, paint in the bottom and middle of the sky.  Remember, daylight skies are always lighter at the bottom.
c) Add in windsor blue to above (b) colour and paint the top of the blue sky.
d) For darks on clouds mix windsor blue, a touch of permanent rose, cadmium yellow and white.
Image 2

Image 3. Start to blend to create more softness as follows:
 i) Light blue into dark blue
ii) Edge of the clouds into the blue
iii) Dark on clouds into lights on clouds
Remember to keep drying your brush. You are not spreading paint, simply blending edges and it is important to maintain the individual colours.
Image 3

Image 4 - to finish off add some dramatic highlights to the clouds using white with a small amount of cadmium yellow.  This can be applied thickly or blended.  Using some of this light with a little cobalt blue add more light in the bottom part of the sky. (To create more luminosity at the bottom of skies it is often times useful to use a little bit of viridian or windsor green)
Image 4