Art Tips: Painting a Sunset Sky II - Oils & Acrylics, part 2

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vi) Now we start to strengthen our lights.  Start with the sunlight area and using more white with the cadmium yellow pale, strengthen this area.  Follow this through the darker yellow and orange areas each becoming a little brighter and more vibrant by adding more cadmium yellows and red.  Using the same bright white yellow, highlight the under side of the clouds on top.  A small amount of this colour can also be blended into the bottom of the blue, just above the dark cloud.  This creates the effect of the light spreading up behind the clouds, defining the idea of the silhouette.

vii) Once more, go back into the sunlight area and with mostly white and a touch of cadmium yellow pale build up with a heavier amount of paint.  Using this same colour add a 'silver lining' to the top of the large dark cloud and the left hand side.

Finish off with some reds and oranges blended into the clouds and some bright yellos and oranges between the bottom clouds.

Remember that this is a difficult sky to paint and may require several attempts to get it right but it will be worth it.
Enjoy your creativity
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