Art Tips: Keep Practising

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Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog of 2011.  With a new year beginning, now is a good time to take up art or just review your practise of the past year.  With the days getting longer and spring around the corner we all have a little more'pep in our step'.  Drawing and painting offer so much to help invigorate you.  It is expressive and therapeutic, fun and lively.  Remember, whether you are a beginner or experienced it is not only about the end result but also the actual process of 'painting'. Mixing and applying colours is both engaging and rewarding.  If you are a beginner start with something like a landscape or seascape.  Both of these will allow you to be more interpretive and play more with the paints.  This is important to help build your confidence.   Remember also that doodling and sketching are important tools to help you improve.  Even if you are just sitting at home having a coffee at your kitchen table, pick up a pen and paper and draw anything that comes into your mind or vision ie a cup, an apple etc.  It's not about being perfect, simply keeping your visual senses alert and sharp.  I've included a couple of quick doodle sketches to show you what I mean.
Enjoy your creative new year