Childrens Art Classes at Brushstrokes Art School, Ongar, Dublin 15.



Mornings: Saturdays, 11.00am - 12.00pm €110.00 per term

Afternoons: Saturdays 12.15pm to 1.15pm, €110 per term
A term is one class per week for 10 weeks.

Please note: Our art classes run on a continuous basis throughout the year, and you can join at any time once we have a vacancy in the class of your choice.


girl paintinglandscape-tree
If you’re looking for Adult art classes, please click here!

Our childrens art classes cater for 6-12 years of age. They are designed to ensure a balance between the innate abilities that all children possess while also creating a relaxed and fun learning environment that allows for natural and structured progression at their own pace. As all children are creative and love playing with drawing and painting, our aim is to build on this and to develop their abilities individually.

No two children are the same nor are their abilities and these can differ from week to week. We work with and introduce them to different drawing and colouring techniques and we guide them to choose their own compositions. We don't enforce our views but allow them to take on board the techniques as it suits them.

This way, the techniques taught in the classes can be absorbed by the children into their own compositions in a more natural and organic way, thus giving them a greater sense of achievement.

They work with water-based paints, pastels, pencils and paper.  Some children also work with oil paints.

Engaging with creativity helps children to develop better co-ordination, visual and expressive learning skills.  It also opens up for them a world full of excitement, magic and imagination.

All our art classes take place on a continuous all year round basis with terms of 10 weeks (1 class per week). Classes can be joined at any time of the year once there is a vacancy.