Instructional Drawing & Painting DVD
by Phelim Donfield, Artist, Dublin.

‘Art Classes For Everyone’ with Phelim Donfield.
DVD 1 - Oils

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'Art Classes for Everyone' is the essential step-by-step guide to developing your drawing and painting skills and techniques. This three hour, two-disc set is the first in a new series of DVDs which form a structured, hands-on and real-time course that caters for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced painters.

I have a complete 12 video set covering all types of painting and lots of single videos and even books by the score but Phelim Donfield's DVD leaves them all for dead. I learned so much in just over 3 hours and 12 minutes (I had to set it up and get my mug of tea) that I'm rearing to get back to my own class and show off my new skills. I usually do a sepia block in but having the canvas fully blocked in is just fantastic. See, spending that much money... was money well spent.
James Doherty, Melbourne


This DVD shows you how to:

1. Set up and Understand your Composition

2. Understand how to Proportion Correctly using the Measuring Technique

3. Draw and use Basic Shading with Pencil

4. Look at, Understand and use Colour correctly, including Complimentary Colouring, Graduation etc

5. Start an Oil painting, Draw with a brush and Underpainting

6. Develop and finish your painting Step-by-Step.

Blocking in Colour (excerpt from DVD)

All of these areas are demonstrated in a concise, easy to follow approach which will teach you how to improve your skills, with reviews of how these techniques work on a variety of subjects, including still-life, landscape and streetscape.

Phelim Donfield has been an artist and teacher all his life. As a self-taught artist he understands precisly what is required to learn how to draw & paint and, as the founder of Brushstrokes Art School he has taught and helped thousands of people to draw & paint successfully. He teaches in all mediums and specialises in Oils and Acrylics for his own paintings. If you wish to learn more about Phelim and see his paintings go to

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January 2010