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What is Art In Mind?

Art in Mind is a team building program that revolves around the creation of a Team Mural / Artwork which is conceptualised, developed and created by the participants, bringing to life a goal, be that a mission statement, value, ethos, strategy or simply to have a fun and engaging experience.

Our vision is to deliver an innovative and practical learning experience which builds confidence, communication and collaboration through creativity.

The team will work individually to form, develop and express their ideas and then come together to give and take advice, to assess, critique and explore these ideas. From there they will cohese these ideas collaboratively by consensus into a single unique and original painting.

"We had a fantastic team building day with Phelim from Brushstrokes Art. We set the goals our team wanted to achieve and Phelim expertly kept us to them! We have been to team building events before but this was the only occasion where we actually emerged stronger, more respectful, understanding and strategic. We have been able to use our new skills on a daily basis and our team is more harmonious in its internal and external interactions."

Participants from Irish Cancer Society Team Building Day

It is this process which separates us from other teambuilding events as it allows for the individual and collective voice of the team to be expressed, explored and defined. It helps to to build effective communication skills and improve teamwork among employees / collegues which is crucial to business success.

It can be structured to suit your needs, budget and timescale.


“With ‘creativity’ it is not necessarily and only about the end product but also the journey. It can teach us so much about ourselves allowing us to question, explore, experiment, engage and develop, and move in directions we hadn’t considered or thought possible.” Phelim Donfield, Director AiM.